If Nothing Changes - Nothing Changes

Our Mission

Turning Point Camden is a not-for-profit community welfare and drop in centre. It is a place where men and women are empowered to make the necessary changes that will allow them to move forward with their lives. For without change, nothing changes.

We provide services that alleviate stress by meeting an immediate need, and give people options to choose a way forward. This is achieved both onsite and through our referral process.

These are examples of the challenges our community are experiencing on a regular basis that we provide support for. Food shortage, domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, addiction and substance abuse, difficulties filling out documentation, unable to navigate the court and legal system, numeracy and literacy issues, isolation, financial, fractured relationships, tenancy difficulties, disability, long term illness and unemployment. The centre is also a place of respite for carers where they can recharge and debrief.

We have a food pantry kept stocked from the support of local businesses, school and sporting clubs, interest groups and donations from the community to keep it replenished. Food shortage is the main support service we provide. Some weeks we may have up to 15 families accessing the pantry. We serve a Free light lunch and tea and coffee and one morning per week a hot community breakfast.


Our referral process connects both individuals and families to services where more specialist support is required. Referrals allow us to develop strong relationships within the welfare sector where we work together for the good of the family or individual for both the short term and long term.

The team of volunteers facilitate programs that develop confidence, self-esteem, motivate, educate and give direction. They also provide a safe space for conversation that so many of our community crave. Many of our participants experience isolation often related to their mental illness, so we work towards connecting them to each other and the wider community through these programs.

Many hours are spent in court rooms, with solicitors, at police stations, on the phone, researching information, writing support documents, at rehabilitation centres, visiting mental health units and being with a person in their darkest times. A truly dedicated team.