If Nothing Changes - Nothing Changes

Our Mission:


To plant the seed of hope through acts of encouragement, support and empowerment. To approach each individual without judgement and through personal growth and community connections, enable a person to reach a turning point in their life.

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Why We Exist

Turning Point Camden is a not-for-profit community welfare and drop in centre. It is a place where men and women are empowered to make the necessary changes that will allow them to move forward with their lives. For without change, nothing changes.

We provide services that alleviate stress by meeting an immediate need, and give people options to choose a way forward.

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Our Impact

The team of volunteers facilitate programs that develop confidence, self-esteem, motivate, educate and give direction. They also provide a safe space for conversation that so many of our community crave. Many of our participants experience isolation often related to their mental illness, so we work towards connecting them to each other and the wider community through these programs.











Our Programs

Operating as a drop-in centre allows participants to access the centre on a needs basis. This style has proven to be the best means of support where chaplains and volunteers are able to work through the challenge at the most volatile time.

Our aim is to partner with men, women and families for the long term. To be there when they reach their turning point, to encourage them when it gets tough and to celebrate their achievements.



We offer long term support for people experiencing mental illness. Our groups and activities are fun, educational and engaging. We provide advocacy, document support and assist you when planning how to achieve your goals. The drop-in option allows for flexibility during periods of unwellness. We welcome partnerships with other support services.  This has proven successful for many of our participants. Available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.


This service and is provided by the generosity of community. Our donors are individuals, schools, social groups and churches who donate the stock to fill the pantry. Based on the size of the family needs participants select their own grocery items. Supermarket food cards and fuel cards are available however subject to stock availability. Families undertake a registration process to identify immediate needs and identify other support available at a Turning Point or for referral.  Available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.


We provide a safe space for people experiencing domestic and family violence. Use of phone, computer and administrative support is available. Our pantry is accessible for ongoing food relief based on the individual’s needs. Grocery, and fuel vouchers are available and so too Telstra pre-paid and phone box cards. Participate in any of our activities to destress and relax.  Available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays


Are you experiencing isolation?  You are welcome to drop in for a chat with friendly volunteers and community members over tea and coffee and a light lunch.  Access our programs and services free of charge.  Our community computer is available for accessing emails, information if you are seeking accommodation, job search or relating to Domestic Violence.  Available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.


Get Involved

Through community partnership, lives are being changed and saved. To work together supporting men, women and families who are facing insurmountable pressures, even contemplating suicide as a way out because they just can't see a way forward. Let’s not leave those who are the most vulnerable behind.

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Volunteer opportunities

Turning Point Camden are always looking for volunteers to help us provide services to the local community in need.


October 2017

Turning Point has been such a pleasurable place to come to for me. I have felt so welcomed from the first day.